Change of Class – Wizards are cool!

I’ve been playing Black Desert Online now for about 2 weeks through trial and now a full paid player.  During my trial I chose the Sorceress and loved her… but I  found some of her skills not so “wow” and a little (to use my teen kids terms) Meh.  The opportunity arouse when I convinced my long term friend and gamer Faithless to try out BDO using my trial key gained from my purchase of the game.  To ensure we was on the same level and I could guide him a little into the BDO play style I create Elkaruk of the wizard class.


What drew me to try the wizard was the coolness of the spells, the magic style and beauty of seeing them in action, along with the wonderful DPS capabilities.  For me the most disappointing thing in MMOs has been the flat progression of magical spells as you level.  What I mean by this is using a fire ball at lvl 10 compared to lvl 20 is usually graphically represented with the exact same animation.  Lets be honest if you was a wizard of (or other magical spell casting class) of 50+ levels you would expected to be able to conjure some serious spells showing considerable graphical scale to compliment its deliver on an unsuspecting mob.  BDO has delivered this to me, finally an MMO where as you level the graphical representation of the spells scales as do the spells.  Most importantly, this increased graphical fidelity does not seem to be at any decrement to my fps (frames per second) smoothness of play.

The differentiation of the spells a wizard has also seem to compliment each other well (in my early trials of lvl 1-15).  One-on-one the chain lightning is great at pulling many mobs to you … then when close … evade back .. freeze them and finish with a nice fireball.  In group play with friends and other GGGs members the devastation you can cause is very satisfying.

Example of how cool it can be:

Something else I have noticed in review my screen grabs is my wizard, whether through gear change as I level or actually a feature of BDO, seems to be aging… or is it me (see 1st screen and one below facial age… is it different?).


Elkaruk is only a lvl 17 wizard at present, but I feel he is going to become my main and I focus my attention on learning his skills, play style and best spell combinations (well those I can do and not mess up which provide the best imho, dps).