Black Desert Online -Trial Day 5

Here we are 5 days into the trial and have to say the more I play the more I want to explore, see, learn, try everything.  So much to learn, to try, but the key I have found is learn new mechanics, like cooking when you need too.  Don’t try do it all at once, their is no rush, just enjoy the game.

Photographic Modes is something I promised to cover at a later date, so before I go into today’s exploits, let me explain some of what I mean by this mode. BDO has in built into the game two approaches to what I like to call photography concepts.

In the settings, the have implemented under the Graphics Settings see below showing the default of Vibrance filter and Sepia filter, of which there a further 12 settings.  Using this method will make the game play with the filter active all the time.



My preferred method is the Photographic (no UI) capability of the game by pressing Ctrl+U at any point in the game.  This allow me to have no user interface, character labels, just pure game graphics showing.  Like normal play I can adjust and tilt the camera angle and grab a screenshot with PrntScrn key. However, it has other benefits, like changing the Depth of Field (DoF) focus (the point at which the game graphics soft focus/blurr).  You can adjust the DoF, by pressing and holding Ctrl, then using the Up/Down arrow key, thus pushing the point of focus/blurr closer or further back.  In addition, while holding Ctrl, look to bottom right of the screen are the other keys for changing the filter and moving the camera.  Bring the UI back again and it will reset back to the the game setting default you have selected.


On to today’s adventures in the world of BDO, I worked way round Heidl talking to most npc’s earning new knowledge, watching in game cutscenes like in the pub with this large scottish speaking giant. Picking up as many quests I could including the latest of the main story from my friendly black ether.  The first few quests led to the beautiful farm, Alejandro Farm with some seriously pain in the ass bee swarms I had to combat in the first few quests.  Very difficult to see them until being stung good and proper… ouch… ouch…


All this combat and travelling on my little Jacko, I hadn’t noticed I had nearly reached lvl 17 and Jacko was well on his way to 9, boosting his travel speed to 109%. I really need to get myself a horse, but for now taming is off the table until I earn enough silver to buy the recommended first time trying of 10x ropes and 10x Lumps of Raw Sugar (est. 20,000 silver). Some more combat will help with this around the farm and I decided to pickup the farms node to allow me to gain a worker for farming of honey. Yes, you guessed it, those bees are now in hives and their honeycomb if being worked by some great looking npcs.


Marketplaces are tied to each area of the map such as Balenos where Olvia and Velia towns are homed, compared with Republic of Calpheon where Heidel and others towns/cities exist I have yet to explore and  gain knowledge on.  I found this out by surprise, when I went to collect my monies at Heidel marketplace, some items had a button stating “Balenos Territory Registered”.  This meant I had to return to Velia marketplace to pickup my cash for those items.  Which like the warehouses, makes perfect sense as its not just accessible anywhere like magic fairies bring your cash across the continents to the marketplace vendor you just happen to be at.  Its shared information but physical items are not (like cash at a vendor of your sales) therefore forcing the living world I am enjoying.  It also explains why the towns feel busy with npcs and players going about their daily business, instead of vacant like other MMOs because other players have out leveled the area.

So wheres does this leave me, wanting more and more, so it will come with no surprise I have taken the plunge and bought Black Desert Online!  😀

This for now will be the end of my daily blogs regarding the trial my friend provided me and turn more into blogs posts when I have some new and exciting to share about BDO.  It will also allow me to progress my other MMOs, GW2 and Elder Scrolls Online and provide some posts on them.



Black Desert Online -Trial Day 3

Day 3 of my BDO trial didn’t quite turn out how I planned as in real life personal commitments happened, so my 3rd day of playing BDO was actually the 4th day of 7 day trial pass.  Due to these same restrictions I decided to trying out the AFK (Away From Keyboard) system which allows me to be more of consultant to my character on exploring and gathering (fishing).  I decided to first send my Sorcerer off to fish at the Velia ocean.


Fishing in BDO is quite different to other games I played, as when you equip your rod, you un-equip your weapon and enter a fishing mini-game.  This gives the option of selecting to throw away trash fished or keep it.  This is especially targeted at the AFK aspect of the game, allowing you to leave the character fishing and walk away do something in real life (like baking gooey choc chip cookies).  The only limit to this is the rods durability and your inventory space must have adequate space to allow to fish for the max durability time of the rod (usually a full row of space in your inventory – thanks Elda for the heads up).  If either the rods durability runs out or you inventory space is full, then auto-fishing will stop.  Its also good to note shortly after this you will be AFK from the game doing nothing and thus the game will log you out, otherwise if doing something it will keep you logged in (more in AFK capabilities in a later post).

Inventory and Warehouse space can be limited at first in BDO (especially when wanting to AFK fish a lot) but there is a good few options through questing and other means (housing) to increase your capacity.  The questing option will provide +1 or +2 additions to your inventory space post quest completions.  This led me to locate the excellent BDO info and guide site Black Desert Foundry with their Increase Inventory Space Guide listing all quests to complete.  Your inventory also has a weight capacity because everything in BDO has weight to it, including your potions and tools you carry to survive or gather.  This makes it more focused to not just carry everything, prepare for what you want to achieve today and then set out on that adventure.  To me this is another mechanic which makes the game feel more alive instead of just logging in and go do the same multiple things.


The Warehouse system is where you get to store your wares (pun intended), but is tied to each village, town or city you visit.  What this means is, if you farm potatoes in Velia using a worker, they will store the resulting crop in the Velia warehouse.  If you then travel to the city of Calpheon and enter its warehouse you will not see your potatoes.  Yes, they really are like real life in this game, a warehouse is town based.  The only way to move items from say, Velia to Calpheon is on your personal inventory space, donkey or horse, cart and transport them.  This is easier with workers as they can do the work for you, but more importantly if you do it with a backpack on you increase your strength. This is one reason the game feels alive and you will see many horse and carts, travelers (workers) and players on the roads, town and cities carrying or transporting.  This gives an incredible sense of realism to the world.  So, this is another AFK opportunity to increase your strength whilst doing real life (chores or chilling).  Why AFK, because with a heavy loaded inventory, you walk and run much slower.  Watching your character traverse at a snails pace while playing is … lets face it… boring. So set a Navigate To point and AFK auto-run (walk) there with your backpack on with good in to transport.


Exploring is something I just love to do in MMOs, but in most you cant really explore because of the general MMO mechanic around your level and the mobs in areas you have not levelled up to or higher than the mobs.  On travelling through these areas, usually you aggro (unintentionally making them aware of you low level and triggering the into attacking you just by passing within their unknown aggravation area) on your exploration.  In BDO this is not the general case (as I found it so far 3 days in), you can pretty much go anywhere as long as you stay on the roads.  My favorite way to do this is locate a place on the map I haven’t been, like a farm or location and set my Navigate To, auto-run there and then turn off the UI. Leaving me to run and sit back watching my exploration adventure in beautiful photograhic mode (well its that to me because that when I take a lot of in game photos).

I will finish this post with my top 3 photos of the day exploring and I will go into more on how this photographic mode in a later post as its in built into the game when no UI is present.