ESO Addons in use 2017 Part 2

This is part 2 of my 2017 addon series for ESO, if not read the part first head on over to part 1 for the best addon manager Minion and my minimalist UI addons.

Awesome Guild Store

Download  Highly Recommended

Is a much improved version of the Guild Store and provides a much simple UI to search for items, store favorites searches and links into Master Merchant addon (see below)


Master Merchant

Download  Highly Recommended

Providing a tool which will track your sell and buy prices overtime.  In addition its can scan the auction houses your member of for all prices of current items available.  This can be very useful to see the going rate for an item allow you to ensure you’re not overpricing the item to much or providing you the option to undercut the competition.



Download  Highly Recommended

Once installed it can be accessed by the small CraftStore icon below you levels bar but will also popup corresponding recipe list to craft at Cooking Fires and Enchanting benches (see below)


Presenting details of your known researched traits, known styles and access to recipe crafting lists for Cooking and Enchanting.Screenshot_20170511_131312 - Copy.png

Screenshot_20170511_131346.png Screenshot_20170511_131338.png

Shissu’s LUA Memory Manager

Download  Highly Recommended

Is a great tool which will auto-manage the amount of memory required for the list of addons your using.  This is key to stop seeing those annoying LAU memory errors during your game play.


Download  Recommended

Adds missing features of Reply and Forward to the ESO mail box system.

Inventory Grid View

Download  Optional

Provides a nice addition to the inventory view where you can toggle between a listview and gridview.


Download  Optional

Provides an improved UI feature to use the FREE travel option to a friend.  Goto provides a list of all guild members in an area/zone and thus you can locate a FREE portal to jump to instead of just knowing player names and having to type manually.

Crafting Preview

Download  Optional

Is a wonderful tool to add, manage a

Screenshot_20170511_120733.png Screenshot_20170511_120848.png Screenshot_20170511_120743.png

Shissu’s Suite Manager

Download  Optional

Provide a nice set of extra slash commands to simplify the use of guild invites, reloadui, and more.


ESO Addons in use 2017 Part 1

As mentioned in my last post I have had to review latest Addons from my old 2016 to maintain a feature rich game time.  I first wanted a minimalist UI while running around and then when jumping into specific skills or options further enhanced UI should kick in (eg. better crafting).  Due to having settled on 23 Addons I couldn’t live without this post will be split into 3 parts as I want to cover each add-on, why I use it and how to configure it for best use.  I will provide links for each and highlight each as recommended or optional.

Minion Addon Manager

Download  Highly Recommended

Is a wonderful tool to add, manage and keep all your addons up to date as well as a feature backup the addons you have in use.


LUI Extended

Download  Recommended

Reason: Provides a clean minimalist replacing for the default unit frames for self, group, raid and targets plus much improved buffs & debuffs icons and timers.

Configure: Press Esc->Settings-Addon->LUI-Unitframes.
Ensure to enable the unlock UI then press Esc to be able to move around the unit windows to your liking.  Got back into settings and then turn off the Unlock so they stay in place.

Self_LUIFrames.png  SelfBuffDebuff_LUIFrames.png

Voran’s Mini Map

Download  Recommend

Reason: Provides a much needed mini map with clock (or hidden) which supports other Addons like SkyShards and HarvestMap which also show those Addons icons.

Configure: Press Esc->Settings-Addon->Vorans Mini Map.
Ensure to enable the unlock UI then press Esc to be able to move around the unit


Ravalox QuestTracker

Download  Recommend

Reason: Provides a a much improved quest tracker which has the default functionality plus expands and shrinks automatically and provides tool tips of objectives on mouse.



Download  Recommend

Reason: Provides a world and mini map icon of the SkyShards locations and whether you have already learnt it.


Download  Recommend

Reason: Provides a world and mini map icon for the LoreBook locations and whether you have already read them it.

Advanced Filter

Download  Recommend

Reason: Provides a much needed enhancement to the inventory allow for simple filtering by weapons, apparel (then light, medium, heavy), potions, consumables and much more.

Wykkyd Toolbar

Download  Recommend

Reason: Provides a much needed quick status bar for many useful and customisable items of information. Information such as current bag space, stable and research timer cool downs, clock, fps, ping, money and much more neatly centered at the top.



Download  Recommend

Reason: Automatically prompts to sell all junk items when interacting with an NPC merchant.


Download  Recommend

Reason: Provides what some may call a cheat, but for someone with little game time it highlights where on the world and mini-map resources (ore, plants, chests, etc) are located.  Best feature is 3d map pins in the world whilst running around and due to the amount this could smoother your screen or world and mini maps. Use the the range filter to limit to only so many feet of what’s displayed.  Also access to filters via main skills, character, etc tool bar (icon on far right)

Note: Only your picked, mined or open chest are remembered unless you merge your data with the main site and then you have access to all known locations.  So it’s your choice to exploit all known or just what you have discovered to date.



The rest of my addons will be in Part 2 and 3

  • Goto
  • Inventory Grid View
  • MailR
  • Awesome Guild Store
  • Master Merchant
  • ESO Master Recipe List
  • Shissu’s LUA Memory Manager
  • Shissu’s Suite Manager
  • CraftStore
  • Crafting Preview

Back to ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)

I first bought Elder Scrolls Online: One Tamriel edition back in Q1 2016 thanks to my friend Elda providing some insights into the game and being a FREE week of play.  I waded on through the story and slowly became use to the play and combat style of the game reach a reasonable level 27 Sorceror.  This slower pace for me was mainly due to the games quite different in some areas like selling on an auction house, where you actually have to join a guild which is more dedicated to selling and putting up stored in the main towns.  Or the limited combat bar which only allows 5 main spells to use per weapon and equip only 2 weapons, which you must switch between to access all spells.


Due to the levels of depth in the story, skills, crafting, delves, sky rings further depth of having passive in so many different areas you can choose to unlock or not.  A complex crafting system which feels like more genuine crafting, which again you can choose to bolster with extra skills points being assigned.

Well after just under a year of not playing ESO I now back ready to reach max level and start earning champion points.  In addition completing the story and all DLC the game has to offer.  One of the first areas I had to resolve was replacing the old addons which I had used to improve my gameplay experience last year.  After reinstall Minion a brilliant addon maintainer and a few recommendation my my friend Elda, plus watching a fair few YT videos I had a good selection of what I was after.  The resulting UI is shown in the screen below and provide lots of minimal goodness.


For now I will just name the addons which make the normal minimal screen state seen in the screenshot and I find the most clean.  I have at least another 10-12 addons which enhance the mapp, locations, guild, merchant, addon memory manager, etc.  I will do a later post on all my recommend ESO addons.

  • LUI Extended
    • Providing clean health, mana, stamina bars for self, target, groups, raids and fully customisable.
  • Harvest Map
    • Shows map pins and in game 3d pins of resource locations.
  • Quest Map
    • Add quest giver markers to mini map and map
  • Quest Tracker
    • Provide the right had quest list with active quest marked plus tooltip hover of objectives.
  • SkyShards
    • Adds skyshard location on mini map and map
  • Votan’s Mini Map
    • The mini map you see in bottom right with many configurable options.
  • Wykkyd Toolbar
    • The tool bar of key information like stable researching cooldown, bag space, gold, time, area, and much more to customise.

MMOs, a journey to Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online


I’ve been a long time MMOs player since a good friend Faithless got me into the beta of World of Warcraft back in 2004. I was hooked into a world of make believe, fantasy, magic and a new world of questing to improve my power.  Like most, for me its the fun of increasing your characters ability to survive and take down mobs with powerful spells of magic.  The unlocking of new spells, effects and graphical wonders to be awed at.  For me a good looking game makes it a more believable world, with graphical fidelity which takes on nuances of small details makes those worlds believable and absorbing into the lore. Minor details such as shadow, light, trees moving, affecting the light and shadows, spells impacting the landscape create a sense of realism.  As the years have moved on the graphical fidelity of all games including the vast worlds of MMOs has greatly increased.  For me I lost my Warcraft guild and fun after 6 years of playing, sadly it became a grind, no improvements to the graphics quality of the game, what was once a great, enjoyable game was lost.  So for me, my journey began to try find a new game and guild, which captured what I wanted…

I tried a number of of F2P (Free to Play) titles such as Aion, great graphics fidelity, lacking lore, some new ideas like gliding on thermals instead of mounts, but it lacked focus, lore depth and sadly no guild to enjoy with. I finally thought I found the game for me, Rift by Trion. I followed its development and managed to get myself on the alpha and the beta but on US servers only (no EU at that time).  I met like minded individuals through the alpha, beta together we began to feel like I found the game, the graphic fidelity, the lore, like minded people to be in a guild with, was his the moment I found my missing mojo in an MMO?  For approximately 9 months I played the game post launch with my new guild and even became one of the founding guild officers.  Sadly, playing on US time made arranging raids, runs, just general fun nights difficult for me.  Other UK based players decided to leave the guild and create a new on EU servers and the US members split and created new guilds.  This was the end of my new game and fun.  The search continued again…

Next up was Wildstar, followed the development blogs and podcasts, loved the more light hearted play style of humor elements (in fact some hilarious moments, like the voice over every time you level with funny quips) , graphically a beautiful game and some great new mechanics such as the attack telegraphs, dodge rolling.  Played the game with my buddy Faithless all the way to top level, but then… nothing there was nothing to do.  No exploring options, no puzzles, not even raids as we had to have at least 5 friend to do a raid and sadly we hadn’t met any Guild which we felt fitted us.  Another game fun ended only 2-3 months into…


So, I moved in to Xbox gaming until I could find something new… during this time I met up with long term (12yr plus) Xbox players I weekly played with and went to beers festivals (which was good social fun).  During this time frame, I met a new friend  IanJ, we talked an he mentioned he got into his first MMO, Guild Wars 2 and was playing with a great bunch of UK like minded, similar aged individuals called Good Guys Gaming or GGGs for short.

Part 2 will go into the outcome of finally finding what I was after and how this led me to another new title with the same great new friends of the GGGs…