ESO Addons in use 2017 Part 2

This is part 2 of my 2017 addon series for ESO, if not read the part first head on over to part 1 for the best addon manager Minion and my minimalist UI addons.

Awesome Guild Store

Download  Highly Recommended

Is a much improved version of the Guild Store and provides a much simple UI to search for items, store favorites searches and links into Master Merchant addon (see below)


Master Merchant

Download  Highly Recommended

Providing a tool which will track your sell and buy prices overtime.  In addition its can scan the auction houses your member of for all prices of current items available.  This can be very useful to see the going rate for an item allow you to ensure you’re not overpricing the item to much or providing you the option to undercut the competition.



Download  Highly Recommended

Once installed it can be accessed by the small CraftStore icon below you levels bar but will also popup corresponding recipe list to craft at Cooking Fires and Enchanting benches (see below)


Presenting details of your known researched traits, known styles and access to recipe crafting lists for Cooking and Enchanting.Screenshot_20170511_131312 - Copy.png

Screenshot_20170511_131346.png Screenshot_20170511_131338.png

Shissu’s LUA Memory Manager

Download  Highly Recommended

Is a great tool which will auto-manage the amount of memory required for the list of addons your using.  This is key to stop seeing those annoying LAU memory errors during your game play.


Download  Recommended

Adds missing features of Reply and Forward to the ESO mail box system.

Inventory Grid View

Download  Optional

Provides a nice addition to the inventory view where you can toggle between a listview and gridview.


Download  Optional

Provides an improved UI feature to use the FREE travel option to a friend.  Goto provides a list of all guild members in an area/zone and thus you can locate a FREE portal to jump to instead of just knowing player names and having to type manually.

Crafting Preview

Download  Optional

Is a wonderful tool to add, manage a

Screenshot_20170511_120733.png Screenshot_20170511_120848.png Screenshot_20170511_120743.png

Shissu’s Suite Manager

Download  Optional

Provide a nice set of extra slash commands to simplify the use of guild invites, reloadui, and more.


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