BBQ Adventures – Sons 18th plus friend visit

Its been a while since I posted and felt good opportunity would be to summarise the feedback received form BBQ to date and the techniques I have had to improve on since my initial uses of the Napoleon Pro22k Charcoal Kettle BBQ.

More BBQ ribs this time smoked on Cherry wood and giving a wonderful sweet smokey taste.  In addition I smoked the ribs at a higher temperature 300-325 degrees due last time they didn’t quite have the tenderness I was after.  I identified this to be due to the lids infra-red ambient thermometer seem to reflect hotter temp at the top than lower  in the dome (yet to prove this with a temp probe).  This time the ribs came out allot more tender and falling off the bones as you would expect a good well cooked rib to be.  The image below shows the ribs just before mopping with the first apple juice mop over which maintains the moisture in them and keep them from drying out.  I do this mop every 15-20 min for the last hour.  I then finished with a new foil wrap stage.  Lay out foil, squirt a nice zig-zag of your favorite or home bbq sauce, then opposite zig-zag of some lovely local honey.  Put ribs face (arch side) down and then repeat your zig-zags of bbq sauce and honey on their backside.  Wrap the foiled tightly around the ribs and return to the BBQ for a further 15 mins before finally removing and slicing into the ribs (note to self get picture next time of these last two steps 😦 ).


A few weeks later after my sons BBQ bash I had a friend from Wiltshire, England to stay.  A nice opportunity to try out a new Beer Can Chicken recipe.  I first created a Simon & Garfunkel based rub to prep the chicken with.  Ingredients for this rub was sage, parsley, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil and bay leaf powder.  I then applied the rub by a light rub of olive oil on the skin for the rub to stick  to, then applied the rub all over the skin and between the skin and the meat of the chicken.  I allowed it to rest and marinate for 45min in the fridge whilst I prepped the BBQ.  Once the BBQ reached its target 375-400 degrees I added the chicken to the pan & stand (replicating the beer can method) and placed on the griddle for the first 60 mins before reviewing.  After an hour I checked the internal temp and is was nicely at 158 degrees, leaving a further approximate 30-45 mins to reach the 175 degree target. Finally after a further 36 min, the thigh and breast temps had reach 178 degrees, and the skin had turned a wonderful crispy golden colour. Time to get the chicken off the BBQ and leave it to rest on the board with foil wrapped for 30 min.