MMOs, a journey to Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online


I’ve been a long time MMOs player since a good friend Faithless got me into the beta of World of Warcraft back in 2004. I was hooked into a world of make believe, fantasy, magic and a new world of questing to improve my power.  Like most, for me its the fun of increasing your characters ability to survive and take down mobs with powerful spells of magic.  The unlocking of new spells, effects and graphical wonders to be awed at.  For me a good looking game makes it a more believable world, with graphical fidelity which takes on nuances of small details makes those worlds believable and absorbing into the lore. Minor details such as shadow, light, trees moving, affecting the light and shadows, spells impacting the landscape create a sense of realism.  As the years have moved on the graphical fidelity of all games including the vast worlds of MMOs has greatly increased.  For me I lost my Warcraft guild and fun after 6 years of playing, sadly it became a grind, no improvements to the graphics quality of the game, what was once a great, enjoyable game was lost.  So for me, my journey began to try find a new game and guild, which captured what I wanted…

I tried a number of of F2P (Free to Play) titles such as Aion, great graphics fidelity, lacking lore, some new ideas like gliding on thermals instead of mounts, but it lacked focus, lore depth and sadly no guild to enjoy with. I finally thought I found the game for me, Rift by Trion. I followed its development and managed to get myself on the alpha and the beta but on US servers only (no EU at that time).  I met like minded individuals through the alpha, beta together we began to feel like I found the game, the graphic fidelity, the lore, like minded people to be in a guild with, was his the moment I found my missing mojo in an MMO?  For approximately 9 months I played the game post launch with my new guild and even became one of the founding guild officers.  Sadly, playing on US time made arranging raids, runs, just general fun nights difficult for me.  Other UK based players decided to leave the guild and create a new on EU servers and the US members split and created new guilds.  This was the end of my new game and fun.  The search continued again…

Next up was Wildstar, followed the development blogs and podcasts, loved the more light hearted play style of humor elements (in fact some hilarious moments, like the voice over every time you level with funny quips) , graphically a beautiful game and some great new mechanics such as the attack telegraphs, dodge rolling.  Played the game with my buddy Faithless all the way to top level, but then… nothing there was nothing to do.  No exploring options, no puzzles, not even raids as we had to have at least 5 friend to do a raid and sadly we hadn’t met any Guild which we felt fitted us.  Another game fun ended only 2-3 months into…


So, I moved in to Xbox gaming until I could find something new… during this time I met up with long term (12yr plus) Xbox players I weekly played with and went to beers festivals (which was good social fun).  During this time frame, I met a new friend  IanJ, we talked an he mentioned he got into his first MMO, Guild Wars 2 and was playing with a great bunch of UK like minded, similar aged individuals called Good Guys Gaming or GGGs for short.

Part 2 will go into the outcome of finally finding what I was after and how this led me to another new title with the same great new friends of the GGGs…

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