First entry, Whats Gkaruk’s World like?

Who am I , why am I here, what’s this blog going to be about?

All questions I ask my self most days and the reason I felt it time to write a blog about my life, work, techie nature and gaming exploits, thoughts and views.

Firstly, you may call me Gkaruk pronounced j-kar-ruk, not the name I was born with but the name which I have become due to my gaming background, online presence and derived from by favorite TV show Babylon 5 character G’Kar, played by Andreas Katsulas.  The UK suffix comes about due to the online name is usually taken so simply adding my location in the world helped solve this problem.

In the day Im here to drive my  passion of doing the right thing, the right way, with a logical approach, this is my sole, my pride of everything I do.  In my work this is called configuration management, in my home life its common sense.  In life of lot of “do the right thing” is misunderstood to be takes to long, your being a blocker.  Sadly, doing something right does usually take longer, but is outweighed by the benefits of low maintenance of whats delivered. Take re-painting a front door, you can just paint over the old paint, job done, doors renewed, looks pretty good.  The downside is its will unlikely it will last more than 5-6 months.  Now, let try the right way.  Sand down the door or strip it back to wood, a coat of undercoat paint, light wet n dry sanding.  Now the first coat of gloss paint, let dry, light sand of high grain sandpaper, wipe off dust and give second coat of gloss.  This will now likely last 24 months or more. Do the right thing, the right way!

Next time I plan to provide some updates on my current gaming library and current game challenges in Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2…